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Vol. 4 January 2014


1. Genetics and pesticide exposure 'double hit' might underlie Parkinson's for some

2. Access & Benefit Sharing, CBD & Nagoya Protocol

3. International Trade Treaties: WTO and grain stockpiling / TPP and IP

4. IP in Parliament, Court and the patent office (JA, CAN, US/CN)

5. New Web Resources

6. Animal breeding

7. IP and University Research

8. IP and development

9. International NGO News

10. GMOs

11. Plant extract patents

12. Fellowships, Jobs and Research Opportunities

13. Events

14. Publications


1) Genetics and pesticide exposure 'double hit' might underlie Parkinson's for some


2) Access & Benefit Sharing, CBD & Nagoya Protocol

For analysis of the implementation of Nagoya, see the special issue on fairness in biodiversity politics, from the Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD): Interrogating the Nagoya Protocol, including, amongst several other big names in the field, Brendan Tobin, Bridging the Nagoya Compliance Gap: The Fundamental Role of Customary Law in Protection of Indigenous Peoples' Resource and Knowledge Rights.

See also, an interesting series of articles on European developments towards implementation from the IPKat: EU Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol - Heading to Catastrophe or Catastrophe averted?, Readers' comments on the Nagoya Protocol and Nagoya Protocol III - the Traditional Knowledge Paradigm.


3) International Trade Treaties: WTO and grain stockpiling / TPP and IP


Background: ICTSD, USTR.

Breaking news: Sydney Morning Herald, Breitbart.

Reaction: New Indian Express, ORYZA.


US push on intellectual property conflicts with international norms.

Special Interests Co-opting Free Trade Agreement.

John August interviews Matthew Rimmer about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Sunil Badami chats to Matthew Rimmer to discuss all the ins and out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

John Kehoe, 'Agriculture - The Lynchpin of the Trans-Pacific Partnership', The Land, 16 December 2013,


4) IP in Parliament, Court and the patent office (JA, CAN, US/CN)

Jamaica: SIPP allows artists to use IP in back catalogues as collateral for loans

Canadian Gov. implements UPOV '91 (news from the NO campaign and more commentary)

U.S. Says Chinese National Conspired to Steal Seed Secrets [scroll to bottom]

The temp. replacement for Kappos @ USPTO


5) New Web Resources

Toxic Atmospheres seminar series now up online

Peter Singer Podcast @Minerva, on Moral Progress


6) Animal breeding and genetic resources

Russian Pig Producer Leads the Way Alongside JSR Genetics

New developments in horse genetics

Environment drives genetics in 'Evolution Canyon'


7) IP and University Research

Patents: University of Pune to set up cell for researchers

More details on Horizon 20/20 emerging with food security and bioeconomy flagged as key priorities


8) IP and development

Intellectual property's role in economic development, Dubai

2nd International Conference on the Development Philosophy of Osigwe Antiam Osigwe: Towards A Better World Order: The Family As The Basic Building Block.


9) International NGO News

WIPO, OECD, Lessig Hail CC 3.0 Intergovernmental Licence

Old knowledge and new science: using traditional knowledge in CGIAR research


10) GMOs

Is Genetics Key to Climate Change Solutions? (Op-Ed - Livescience)

Critical Moment For Africa's Small Farmers As ARIPO Decides On Plant Variety Protection


11) Plant extract patents

Cameron Wilson, 'Patent Stoush Leads to Debate over Who Owns Nature', The Bush Telegraph, ABC Radio National, 17 December 2013


12) Fellowships, Jobs and Research Opportunities

The Lemelson Center Fellows Program

EuropaBio begins job search for Director of Green Biotechnology


13) Events

'The "Artificial" and the "Natural" in the Life Sciences, c. 1850-1950', Exeter, 25th-27th June 2014

NURTURING GENETICS: REFLECTIONS ON A CENTURY OF SCIENTIFIC AND SOCIAL CHANGE, An international and interdisciplinary symposium, University of Leeds, 29 June-2 July 2014

Some fantastic speakers and fascinating abstracts just up @ Collecting, Organizing, Trading Big Data, CH, Feb, 2014

Call For Papers: "Brave New South Asia: Science, Technology and Society" April 16-18, Honolulu, U. Hawai'i

BRIT XIV Belgium-France, 14th international conference BRIT (Border Regions In Transition): The border, a source of innovation / La frontiere, source d'innovation, Nov. 4-7 2014

Conference: "Basic and Applied Research". Historical Semantics of a Key Distinction in 20th Century Science Policy. Bonn, 20 Feb 2014

Call for Abstracts: Lives of Information Workshop (media and information infrastructures / a project at the sarai programme, csds) February 21-22, 2014, at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi.

(CFP) PatCon 4: The Annual Patent Conference, Friday, April 4, 2014 - Saturday, April 5, 2014, University of San Diego

(CFEOI) ESRC / BA scoping workshop: Sustainable prosperity: the social science and economy of the nexus

(CFP) 2nd World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities (WSSD-U-2014), 3-5 September 2014, Manchester, United Kingdom

(CFP) Global Food Global Justice, @ 3-6 September, 2014, Glasgow. 400 word abstracts to by 1 feb.

(CFP) Reflections on moral sentiments within the anthropology of development, @ASA14: Anthropology and Enlightenment, Edinburgh, 19th-22nd June 2014

(CFP) Unnatural Futures Conference, 3 & 4 July, 2014, University of Tasmania


12) Publications

UNCTAD, Trade and Environment Review 2013, Wake up before it is too late: Make agriculture truly sustainable now for food security in a changing climate

Commercialising Public Research: New Trends and Strategies (OECD report)

Transparency tools in gene patenting for informing policy and practice, Nature

Lawson, C and Sanderson, J, (eds.) (2013) The Intellectual Property and Food Project: From Feeding the World to Rewarding Innovation and Creation

Shubha Ghosh, ICTSD issue paper #40, The Implementation of Exhaustion Policies: Lessons from National Experiences

Aurora Plomer, Human Dignity and Patents

Kara Swanson, Banking on the Body: The Market in Blood, Milk, and Sperm in Modern America

Steve Fuller, On Commodification and the Progress of Knowledge in Society

Peter Stoutjesdijk, Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture: second national report - Australia

Journal of Law and the Biosciences (JLB), just launched and open for submissions

Another new Journal: South African Intellectual Property Law Journal (IPLJ)

Law and Politics Book Reviews - Intellectual Property

(CFP) Journal on European History of Law

(CFP) Indigenous Rights Reflected in Stories and Storytelling, Interinstitutional Consortium for Indigenous Knowledge newsletter (ICIK E-News)


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