Videos and Presentations

Daniel J. Kevles, Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights in Fruit Trees and Plants: Contracts, Patents and the Courts in the 1920s and Now. Download this talk: LQ .avi [331MB], .mp3 [100MB].

Intellectual Property and the Biosciences: Past Trends and Future Directions Workshop, Griffith University, Brisbane

Patenting Life: genes and generations, round table session at ISHPSSB, University of Montpellier

Papers, Books and Bibliographies

Katerina Sideri, Patent Policy in Genomics and Human Genetics: A Public Health Perspective, The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society.

Daniel J. Kevles, The Genes You Can't Patent, [Author's pre-print] The New York Review of Books.

Links to other sites

TECHNIS, An Innovation and Intellectual Property Platform.

Center for Science and Innovation Studies, UC Davis.

Science and Technology Studies Unit, University of York.

Sheffield Institute of Biotechnology Law and Ethics, University of Sheffield.

Owning and Disowning Invention Project, University of Leeds and University of Bristol.

White Rose Consortium, incorporating the Universities of York, Leeds and Sheffield.