Videos and Presentations

Paul Thompson, Ethical Issues in Agriculture. Download this talk: HQ .mp4 [3.1GB], LQ .avi [438MB], .mp3 [156MB].

Intellectual Property and the Biosciences: Past Trends and Future Directions Workshop, Griffith University, South Bank, 7 & 8 July 2014

Patenting Life: genes and generations, round table session at ISHPSSB, July 11th 2013, Montpellier

Australian Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture, ACIPA (12-13 Sept. 2012), "IP and Food Symposium". Coolangatta QLD, Griffith University.

Graham Dutfield (29 May 2012), "Did Kary Mullis really invent PCR?". Egenis, University of Exeter.

Robert Cook-Deegan (08 March, 2012), ConSequences: Some implications of DNA sequencing technology. Innogen, University of Edinburgh.

Paul Thompson (10 February, 2012), Ethical Issues in Agriculture: Genetically Modified Crops and the Organic Movement. Egenis, University of Exeter. Poster.

Graham Dutfield (28 Nov 2011), [A4ID Annual Law and Development Training Programme] IP and Public Health.

Myles Jackson (13 June, 2011), Intellectual Property and Molecular Biology: Biomedicine, Commerce, and the CCR5 Gene Patent, White Rose IPBio Public Lecture, University of York. Poster.

Berris Charnley (4 June, 2011), Why didn't an equivalent to the US Plant Patent Act of 1930 emerge in Britain? Plants, Animals and Ownership: Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection in Living Organisms Since the 18th Century, Yale.

Kathryn Irving (3 June, 2011), "As Much His Property As Any Man's House": Intellectual Property and Botanic Medicine in the Early American Republic. Plants, Animals and Ownership: Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection in Living Organisms Since the 18th Century, Yale.

Phillip Thurtle (3 June, 2011), Manufacturing Horticultural Novelties: Variance and Standardization in the Production and Marketing of Luther Burbank's Creations. Plants, Animals and Ownership: Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection in Living Organisms Since the 18th Century, Yale.

Daniel J. Kevles (25 April, 2011), The Apples of Our Eyes. Outreach in Biotechnology's Food for Thought Lecture Series. Oregon State University.

Shobita Parthasarathy (9 March, 2011), ACLU v. Myriad Genetics case and implications, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy YouTube Channel.

Rebecca Eisenberg (28 January, 2011), Exploring the Current Debate over Patenting Life, Center for Law, Technology and the Arts - Journal of Law, Technology and the Internet Symposium, Case Western Reserve University, School of Law.

Mario Biagioli (27 January, 2011), The Dematerialization of Invention. The Max Weber Programme Youtube Channel.

White Rose IPBio Symposium and Summer School (7-8 July, 2010), Intellectual Property and the Biosciences, University of Leeds.

Robert Cook-Deegan (13 March, 2010), Office Hours with Robert Cook-Deegan on Patenting Genes, Duke University.

Robert Cook-Deegan (18 February, 2010), Personal Genomics - Do We Need Doctors Anymore?, UBC Interdisciplinary YouTube Channel.

JI 100 - A Year of Centenary Celebrations (9 September, 2009), History of Genetics Conference, John Innes Centre, Norwich.

David Cayley (2 January-26 June, 2009), How To Think About Science, Part 1 - 24, CBC Radio.

Aurora Plomer (27 January, 2009), Stem Cells and the European Patent System, Sheffield Institute for Biotechnological Law and Ethics.

New Models of Intellectual Property: Predictability and Openness as Spurs to Innovation (6-11 December, 2008), Salzburg Global Seminar, Salzburg, Austria.

Robert Cook-Deegan (18 March, 2008), Genomics and Intellectual Property, Dickinson College, Duke University, Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues.

Robert Cook-Deegan et al. (17 May, 2007), Genomics and Justice: Promises, Perils, and Paradoxes, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Mario Biagioli, Stephen Burley, Wesley Cohen, Susan Mann and Katherine Strandburg (19 May, 2006), Patents and Creativity, Princeton-Microsoft Intellectual Property Conference, Princeton University.

Robert Klein (8 February, 2006), A Conversation on Stem Cell Research, University of California at Berkley, Goldman School of Public Policy.

Daniel J. Kevles (7 April, 2005), Patenting Life and Its Parts: Ethics and Rights in the Political Economy of Intellectual Property, Duke University School of Law.

Daniel J. Kevles (15 June, 2004), A Celebration of 50 Years of DNA in Medicine: The Genome and Human Rights. University of California Television.

Adam Curtis (1998), The Way of All Flesh, Modern Times, BBC.

Cambridge, MA City Council (1976), Hypothetical Risk: Cambridge City Council's Hearings on Recombinant DNA Research, MIT, TechTV.

The World Intellectual Property Organization's YouTube Channel.