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Welcome to the IPBio Newsletter - a quarterly roundup of intellectual property and bioscience news

Vol. 7 March 2015


1. International, regional and national Intellectual Property Office news

2. Patents on Stem Cells

3. Open Access and Data

4. Post-GMO

5. Plain-old-GMO

6. GMO Labelling

7. NGO news

8. Genetic testing and personalised medecine

9. Geographical Indicators

10. Publications & Podcasts

11. Events


1) International, regional and national Intellectual Property Office news

European Patent Office Annual Report (26/02/2015), with analysis by country, sector etc., you can also see a round up of coverage here. (Although it misses one Polish response here)

Barbados Developing Intellectual Property Strategic Plan

Intellectual property: the view from Jamaica.


2) Patents on Stem Cells

The Battle to Patent Human Stem Cells


3) Open Access and Data

Retraction Watch, "PLOS ONE retracts breast cancer genetics paper after claim of misappropriated data"

New Archive: Codebreakers: Makers of Modern Genetics, at the Wellcome Library

Figshare partners with Brill Publishing to support open data in the humanities


4) Post-GMO

By ‘Editing’ Plant Genes, Companies Avoid Regulation

Status and market potential of transgenic biofortified crops


5) Plain-Old GMO

Inside Monsanto, America's Third-Most-Hated Company

Over 60% of breads sold in the UK contain pesticide residues, tests show, Guardian

On Trial: Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa

IP fight over GMO mustard, plaintiff "alleged mischief by fire/explosive substance wth intent 2 destroy property"

Genetically modified food: Frankenfine, The Economist

Filipino Farmers Protest Government Research on GMO Rice

W.H.O. Report links Roundup ingredient to cancer Seralini: Roundup is toxic to the heart – new study (See also: is glyphosate new DDT? i.e. focal point for activism and regulatory change in the foodchain: &

Compromise blooms in European GMO crop debate, Nature

Brazil officials clash with Monsanto over soybeans seeds (again)

Hungary says NO to GMO

Belfer Center at Harvard says Let's Go


6) GMO Labelling

Monsanto Sues Maui for Direct Democracy, Launches New PR Campaign


7) NGO News

Bioversity International and Embrapa sign 5-year agreement to boost sustainable food systems


8) Genetic Testing and Perosnalised medecine

‘Moonshot’ Personalized Medicine Will Let Us Down & letters responses

23andMe approved to sell personal genetic testing kits in the UK & comment in The Independent

Myriad loses appeal on cancer gene test patents Rebecca Trager @ Chemistry World

Playing bigpharma and beating bigpharma in the patent game

ACLU Comment on Myriad Genetics Settling Patent Lawsuits

Mary-Claire King’s Pioneering Gene Work, From Breast Cancer to Human Rights

John Liddicoat & Dianne Nicol: Gene patents may sound scary but soon they may no longer matter


9) GI

GI status given to Warli tribes for their world famous art by Intellectual Property office at Chennai

Whose Crab Is It Anyway? Cooperative IP and securing a GI


10) Publications and Podcasts

Charles Lawson & Berris Charnley (eds) "Intellectual Property and Genetically Modified Organisms A Convergence in Laws" (Ashgate 2015)

Shubha Ghosh, 2014. "Demarcating Nature After Myriad" IPBio-ACIPA Intellectual Property and the biosicences workshop (See also, on On Teva v. Sandoz and construction and review of patent claims; de novo or clear error? and Are South African Yellow Canaries a Question of Law or Fact?)

Matthew Rimmer, 2014. "Geopiracy: Patent Law, Climate Change, and Geoengineering", Chain reaction, 121, p.41

Q&A: Mark Lemley on the changing landscape for intellectual property law

Lateef Mtima, Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship And Social Justice From Swords to Ploughshares (EE 2015)


11) Events

14th April 2015. Cultivating Innovation: How (and How Not) to Think about Intellectual Property in Agriculture and Plant Science?. John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.

22-24 April 2015. Being Modern: Science & Culture in the early C20th, Institute of Historical Research, London.

18-19 May 2015. ORCID-CASRAI Joint Conference, Universitat de Barcelona, Research Evaluation, with an emphasis on emerging practice in the Humanities and Social Sciences.


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