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Welcome to the IPBio Newsletter - a quarterly roundup of intellectual property and bioscience news

Vol. 3, October 2013


1. Bourlag and Biotechnology

2. New plant breeding projects and the next round of Monsanto at the SC

3. Another chapter in Novartis, Myriad announces new test

4. IP in Parliament, Court and the patent office (SA, NZ, IND, CN)

5. New Web Resources

6. Animal breeding

7. IP and University Research

8. IP and ecconomic development in Pakistan

9. International NGO News

10. GMOs in Kenya

11. Myriad, Monsanto and seed laws, Biotech Patents on the big screen and Daily Show [US only]

12. National Biotechnology Week, Canada

13. Events

14. Publications


1) Bourlag and Biotechnology

Using the tools of biotechnology to advance Borlaug's legacy


2) New plant breeding projects and the next round of Monsanto at the SC

A new approach to plant breeding

AgReliant Genetics establishes $1 million endowment [at Purdue University's College of Agriculture in the Department of Agronomy]

Groups appealing court decision favoring Monsanto on seed patents


3) Another chapter in Novartis, Myriad announces new test

Government refutes Novartis' allegations on patents

Amended Patents Act: Of medicines and increased back-room activities

Myriad Genetics' myPlan(TM) Lung Cancer Test Meets Primary Clinical Endpoint

See also, Breast cancer gene patents: the Canadian story


4) IP in Parliament, Court and the patent office (SA, NZ, IND, CN)

Intellectual property issues set for an overhaul

Patents Bill passes third reading

Justice K.N.Basha Appointed as Chairman of the Intellectual Property Appellate Tribunal

Hunan plan says patents crucial to improved society


5) New Web Resources

Map of Australian genetic resource collections

On the application of information and communications technology for environmental regulation

The ABS Capacity Development Initiative Newsletter Issue 4 out now


6) Animal breeding and genetic resources

Genus buys Canadian pig genetics business for £24.8m

Problems with the AUS Lambplan sheep breeding system


7) IP and University Research

Universities struggle to make patents pay: Surfeit of unlicensed intellectual property pushes research institutions into unseemly partnerships

More on patent trolls at the BBC and Politico

Nuture on biotech investment funding


8) IP and ecconomic development in Pakistan

Intellectual Property Rights in Global Trade

Intellectual property rights: 'Pakistan needs proper laws to attract investment'


9) International NGO News

UN intellectual property agency [WIPO] urges better access to markets for developing-countries

Oman... Ministerial meeting discusses ways to ensure food security


10) GMOs in Kenya

Kenya has a low uptake of agriculture biotechnology


11) Myriad, Monsanto and seed laws, Biotech Patents on the big screen and Daily Show [US only]

Atossa Genetics Co-Sponsors Los Angeles Premiere of Decoding Annie Parker, Starring Helen Hunt

Monsanto & Seed Patent Laws


12) National Biotechnology Week, Canada

Coverage: Canadian Biotechnology Innovation and Opportunity Centrepiece of 10th Annual National Biotechnology Week

Further coverage

Official website


13) Events

Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context: Authority in a Transnational Age, Queen Mary School of Law, 8-9 Nov. 2013

Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society, University of Durham seminar series

Tsidkenu Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Business Practices and Analytics (TAPCSBPA 2014) on June 5th, 2014 marking the World Environment day in Bangalore, India

[CFP] International Committee for the History of Technology, ICOHTEC Symposium 2014: Technology in Times of Transition, Romania 29 July -2 August 2014

[CFP] DATA 2014, including a special session on Open Environments and Open Innovation - in public and private sector - OpenEI

[CFP] Centre for Co-Curricular Studies, Imperial University, The silences of science: Constructive pauses and strategic delays in the practice and communication of science

[CFP] 2014 Works-In-Progress Intellectual Property Workshop, February 7 - 8, 2014, Santa Clara Law

[CFP] International Conference on Regional Climate Adaptation and Resilience: Towards climate adapted and resilient regions, CLARR 2014

[CFP] Swiss STS Meeting, Collecting, organizing, trading big data, 20-22 February 2014 in Lausanne

[CFP] Colloque international "Décision Politique et Vérité" Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, 14-16 novembre 2013

[CFP] Legal Scholarship 4.0: Looking toward the future, 13-14 March 2014, Northeastern University

[CFP] International Trademark Association: INTA's 136th Annual Meeting, 10-14 May, HK

[CFP] &HPS5: Integrated History and Philosophy of Science Conferences, Vienna 2014

[CFP] Workshop for the History of Environment, Agriculture, Technology and Science, February 7-9, 2014

Open Access/ Open Data, Open Knowledge in the Spotlight This Week In Geneva, 2013 Open Knowledge Conference


12) Publications

Knowledge Management And Intellectual Property: Concepts, Actors and Practices from the Past to the Present, Stathis Arapostathis, Graham Dutfield (eds.)

Biosecurity: The Socio-Politics of Invasive Species and Infectious Diseases

Three perspectives on sustainable food security: efficiency, demand restraint, food system transformation. What role for LCA?

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