Lady Lisa Markham (Harrison Goddard Foote, Leeds), Tiptoeing around Restrictions in Biotechnology Inventions: A Practitioner's Experience

Lady Lisa Marham (Lisa Brown) has a degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in mammalian metabolism and toxicology. She entered the patent profession after gaining her doctorate from the University of Surrey in conjunction with ICI's Pharmaceutical Division. She has post-doctoral research experience and was a toxicology adviser in Occupational Health at ICI's Agrochemical Division. Lisa is a member of the British Toxicology Society. Lisa's professional interests are principally in the areas of biotechnology. She specialises in drafting and prosecuting patent applications relating to gene therapy, diagnostic markers for cancer, candidate therapeutic screening techniques, transplant products, dental products, transgenic plants and animals and medical device patents. Lisa's clients are wide ranging, including international corporations, SMEs, universities, spin-outs and start-up companies.

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