Images by B. Charnley

Australain Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture (ACIPA) IP and Food Symposium

12-13 September 2012, Coolangatta QLD

In mid-September 2012 Charles Lawson and Jay Sanderson (Griffith University, ACIPA) brought together an international group of scholars to discuss intellectual property and food. The aim of the symposium was to encourage interaction between top-level academics from a range of disciplinary backgrounds with a shared interest in food and IP. Over the course of two days, participants mapped out several likely areas of future development and a range of key issues. This symposium was funded by the Australian Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture (ACIPA) with additional funding received from a Griffith Social and Behavioural Research College Grant.

An edited volume drawing together the symposium papers was published in 2014: Charles Lawson and Jay Sanderson (eds), The Intellectual Property and Food Project: From Rewarding Innovation and Creation to Feeding the World (Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, 2014)

Symposium Papers

Dr Berris Charnley (University of Exeter, Egenis), Why didn't an equivalent to the US Plant Patent Act of 1930 emerge in Britain? Historicising the boundaries of un-patentable innovation

Prof. Graham Dutfield (University of Leeds, Law), Geographical Indications and Agricultural Community Development: Is the European Model Appropriate for DeveIoping Countries

Prof. Robert J. Henry (Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation), Implications of advances in molecular genetic technology for food security and ownership

Prof. Charles Lawson (Griffith University, ACIPA), Germplasm and IP: Norm Setting in Ex Situ Collections

Dr Karinne Ludlow (Monash University, Law), Changing The Recipe: Socio-Economic Considerations In Agricultural Biotechnology Regulation

Dr Jay Sanderson (Griffith University, ACIPA), Can Intellectual Property Help Feed the World? Patents, Food Insecurity and a Sociological Imagination

Dr Brendan Tobin (Griffith University, ACIPA), Open Source Seeds and Breeds: customary law and the protection of farmers' and livestock keepers' rights