Gregory Radick (Centre for History and Philosophy of Science, Leeds), Introduction

Gregory Radick is Professor of History and Philosophy of Science (HPS). His main area of research is the history of biology and the human sciences since the eighteenth century, although he has also published on the philosophy of science (especially biology), the philosophy of history, and social and ethical issues surrounding the new genetic/genomic technologies.

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(2002), Discovering and Pantenting Human Genes, in Andrew Bainham, Shelley Day Sclater and Martin Richards, eds., Body Lore and Laws, pp. 63-78. Hart. @Amazon, @WorldCat.

Gregory Radick and Berris Charnley (2008), Plant Breeding and Intellectual Property Before and After the Rise of Mendelism: The Case of Britain, presented at the Living Properties Workshop, MPIWG.

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