Aurora Plomer (SIBLE, Sheffield), Patent Boundaries: Global Challenges in Emerging Fields of Science

Professor Aurora Plomer is Chair in Law and Bioethics, Director of SIBLE, School of Law, University of Sheffield. Her current research interests include ethical, legal and human rights dimensions of research in the biosciences, IP and innovation, particularly with reference to Europe.

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(2010), Embryonic Stem Cell Patents: European Patent Law and Ethics, Oxford University Press. @Amazon, @WorldCat. An OUP flyer for this book can be downloaded here.

Downloads: video, audio, pdf. (Right click and "save as".)

The paper which this talk was based on can be downloaded here: (2010), Stem Cell Patents in a Global Economy: The Legal Challenges, Stanford Journal of Law, Science and Policy, 3:5-15.

You can also watch this video on the IPBio Network's Youtube channel, here.